What’s the Difference?

While inside the grocery, I overheard these two women talking. “What do you think of Noynoy as a president?”, the first woman asked. “He’s good, because he gets rid all of those corrupt officials and you know, those corrupts who are still in position now are from the previous administration”, answered the other. In my own view, the President of the Republic of the Philippines has been doing his job so well for the past three years, but I cannot also deny the fact that he hasn’t done everything perfectly. Well, nobody’s perfect. I’m not into the “Yellow Magic” and in fact, I never voted for Pres. Noynoy Aquino last 2010 elections. But as a citizen I respect the president with all my heart because I believe what the Bible has stated “all authorities are appointed by God.” Every presidential elections, all we hear from candidates are promises of snatching the poor from poverty, getting rid of corrupt officials, and a lot more. Of his three years on presidency, I thought Pres. Aquino will finally solve these problems. But as we can see they’re still existing. Let’s talk about corruption. During the Arroyo administration, people are sick of criticizing the president because of corruption. And as her term ended, I thought I can’t hear the same issue anymore but I guess I was wrong of thinking so. Because as of today I can still hear that billions of pesos have been misused by some few. What’s the difference between the previous administration and the present? Corruption is still existing, how can this be explained? I know it would not be easy for the president to settle this issue but I do believe he has the capacity. He must prove that all he has promised were true. He has plenty of time to do so. He still has three years to go. He has all the chance to prove his worth. And as an ordinary citizen, I’ll be expecting too much from him.