About the Blogger

The blogger is just new in this job. She’s a Junior Mass Communication student in the University of the Visayas (Main Campus). She’s plain and simple. A servant of God and a working student, striving just to have a degree. An independent woman who was once an ignorant but turned into a woman of will and strength. Having a background of being a “probinsyana”, she did her best to do something that would elevate herself because she believes that life is a choice. She chose to leave the mountain where she grows up and begin to explore the chaotic city of Cebu. By God’s grace, she’s able to pursue college and hoping she will be able to finish her chosen degree. She decided to take up Mass Communication because she was convinced that it will develop her communication skills and it will help her to become a radio jockey in a Christian radio station someday. Also, she believed that Mass Communication will enable her to pursue her dreams and will bring her to the peak of success.

By the way, this blogger is an illegitimate child. She never had the chance to meet her biological father for twenty one years. But this fact inspired her a lot to become a somebody someday and prove to everyone that being a fatherless child is not a reason to ruin his or her life. It’s been her prayer and desire to meet her father someday and God is always good as he is because he granted her desire. Though she’s been through a lot of struggles due to her father’s absence, she never hated him and she was so overwhelmed when she finally met him. That moment made her life complete. All her good and bad experiences made her more stronger as she is today through God’s grace. Yes, she is strong but doesn’t have enough confidence. She has a lot of fears and afraid of exploring new things. She doesn’t believe in herself. This is her present struggle and she’s been praying that someday she will be able to overcome.

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